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Every word of God is pure he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.The practical application of the doctrines of strict justice to a state of society established in its contempt, was such as might have been expected.Your physical wants are few, whilst those of your mind and heart cannot be numbered or described, from their multitude and complication.All reformers have been compelled to practise this misrepresentation of their own true feelings and opinions.Divine religions help people to save and develop their faith, their original holy books are best references which are exclusive from any personal preference, if the people do not add or take away from them for better translation or some times for personal advantage.THE Being who has influenced in the most memorable manner the opinions and the fortunes of the human species, is Jesus Christ.Let us beware, if we love liberty and truth, if we loathe tyranny and imposture, if, imperfect ourselves, we still aspire to the freedom of internal purity, and cherish the elevated hope that mankind may not be everlastingly condemned to the bondage of their own passions and the passions of their fellow beings, let us beware.There are eight all together, the belief system, community, central myths, ritual, ethics, characteristic emotional experiences, material expressions, and sacredness.

The Protestant Christian Tradition has a set of rituals and beliefs that set the foundation for their faith.The wisest and most sublime of the ancient poets saw this truth, and embodied their conception of its value in retrospect to the earliest ages of mankind.All the arguments which have been brought forward to justify retribution fail, when retribution is destined neither to operate as an example to other agents, nor to the offender himself.Rousseau certainly did not mean to persuade the immense population of his country to abandon all the arts of life, destroy their habitations and their temples, and become the inhabitants of the woods.The mischiefs attendant on this consummation of fruitless ruin are.

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He instructs them that clothing and food and shelter are not, as they suppose, the true end of human life, but only certain means, to be valued in proportion to their subserviency to that end.

He has left no written record of himself, and we are compelled to judge from the imperfect and obscure information which his biographers (persons certainly of very undisciplined and undiscriminating minds) have transmitted to posterity.To what do these distinctions point, but to an evident denial of the duty which humanity imposes on you, of doing every possible good to every individual, under whatever denomination he may be comprehended, to whom you have the power of doing it.History, to gain any credit, must contain some truth, and that truth shall thus be made a sufficient indication of prejudice and deceit.They hold the vast store of divine purposes, facts, and bear hidden universal principle and general law even the rules of personal, social conduct and principal of happy life.He affirms that a being of pure and gentle habits will not fail, in every thought, in every object of every thought, to be aware of benignant visitings from the invisible energies by which he is surrounded.Sample Essay. 6 works cited Length: 868 words There is no set definition and no one has been able to agree on a definition of religion (Eileen Barker).View Essay - Religion Definition REL2300.docx from REL REL2300 at Broward College.He tramples upon all received opinions, on all the cherished luxuries and superstitions of mankind.

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To join again is the linguistic meaning of the word religion.God, it has been asserted, was contemplated by Jesus Christ as every poet and every philosopher must have contemplated that mysterious principle.Jesus Christ did not.: It is at this point that the Essay ends in the Shelley Memorials.

The supposition of their falsehood or their truth would modify in no degree the hues of the picture which is attempted to be delineated.The pageantry of empire, and the fame of irresistible might, are contemplated by the possessor with unmeaning complacency, without a retrospect to the properties which first made him consider them of value.Jesus Christ represented God as the principle of all good, the source of all happiness, the wise and benevolent Creator and Preserver of all living things.

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What are some of the ways a religion will honor the sacred, to include different rights of passage in a religion. (Malloy, 2010).Diamonds and gold, palaces and sceptres, derive their value from the opinion of mankind.Nor do his doctrines practically assume any proposition which they theoretically deny.Jesus Christ did what every other reformer who has produced any considerable effect upon the world has done.Through considering and appreciation our holy books, we could become conscious and to realize the universal realities, secrets, messages and cods.How far such a doctrine, in its ordinary sense, may be philosophically true, or how far Jesus Christ intentionally availed himself of a metaphor easily understood, is foreign to the subject to consider.The doctrines of Jesus Christ have scarcely the smallest resemblance to the Jewish law: nor have wisdom and benevolence and pity failed in whatsoever age of the world to generate such persuasions as those which are the basis of the moral system he announced.

Fiss and then you identify any light in, you think that provide critical philosophy of.There is a time when we shall neither be heard or be seen by the multitude of beings like ourselves by whom we have been so long surrounded.

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When we read them with holiness and sincerity, we discover new meaning and understanding.

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Religion also helps us be creativity and express ourselves through music, dance, and art.Free Religion papers, essays, and research papers. These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).To have all answers to all our needs (physically and spiritually) according to our moral purity and our intellectual capacity, we would achieve perfection, and to elevate and revive our soul through learning and understanding these scriptures.Therefore, the modern human has become brave enough to break the religious tabos.

He affirms, therefore, no more than that a simple, sincere mind is the indispensable requisite of true science and true happiness.The unobscured irradiations from the fountain-fire of all goodness shall reveal all that is mysterious and unintelligible, until the mutual communications of knowledge and of happiness throughout all thinking natures, constitute a harmony of good that ever varies and never ends.Every nation of the East was united to ruin the Grecian States.Mankind receive every relaxation of their tyranny as a circumstance of grace or favour.Such, with those differences only incidental to the age and state of society in which they were promulgated, appear to have been the doctrines of Jesus Christ.

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