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Overview of Qualitative And Quantitative Data Collection Methods.The 8 Least Productive Tasks Business Owners Do (And How to Never Do.

This can be time taking and cost bearing but avoids the need to cut back on several pieces of useless information.Primary market research is one of the two major market research methods used by most businesses across the world.The difference is quite simple, yet there is often confusion around this topic.Secondary research is however still preferred and widely used across industries and businesses.

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Making the Most of Secondary Market Research. Sources of Secondary Market Research.Not all businesses can afford to opt for these methods, especially startups or small scale organizations.Based on the results, a business decides which location will serve best for its store or functioning.In all of these situations, market research can help you make better decisions and improve your chances of success.

Better data examination: When it comes to primary market research, the data collected or information gathered can be better interpreted or evaluated by the business.This tiny sample can give an accurate representation of a particular market.Other sources of secondary research materials include libraries, universities, industry associations and government departments.

In such a method, direct feedback from core customers can be collected efficiently.Learn how to use secondary market research to gain insight into your audience.

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You might look in journals, libraries, or go to online sources like the US census.Quantitative research focusses more on hard facts, stats and figures whereas qualitative research takes into account the feedback, opinions and emotions of the consumers.I hope this tutorial on the differences between primary and secondary research has been helpful.Those businesses that do not have the required time may rather opt for less time taking alternatives like using secondary sources, etc.Some data that can be availed through this method includes economic factors, industry trends, company rankings, etc.

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In order to compare which type of market research would fit your business purposes better, we listed the benefits and disadvantages of Primary and Secondary market research below.

Secondary research involves gathering preexisting information that is useful to your purposes from published sources.Every department within an organisation will have its own records that represent a potential source of valuable data.This helps to remain within budget and save on the overall costs.

For instance, records of past advertising campaigns within the marketing department can be compared with copies of invoices held in the sales department in order to judge their effectiveness and get ideas for future campaigns.Find out which questions you should ask to evaluate external secondary market research data.

Chapter 10 Gathering and Using Information: Marketing Research and Market Intelligence.There are several sources of existing data available from outside of the business that may be of value.