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Select any of the themes in the key below to highlight it in the Theme Wheel.Quentin uses this experience to fuel his own journey of both searching for Margo and searching within himself.

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Wild stories circulate around school about Margo, like her sneaking into concerts, and all of them are true.He has worshipped Margo from afar for so long that even this idolizing has become a routine of its own, and going to prom would mean that he would have to recalibrate all his mental space for being in love with Margo into being a good date.The closer to the blue ring, the closer to the beginning of the chapter.

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He hangs out with friends, attends classes, plays video games, does homework, instant messages, and sleeps.

The Paper Towns Theme Wheel is a beautiful super helpful visualization of where the themes occur throughout the text.By the end of the novel, the illusion of paper towns and paper people comes crumbling down.

Literary Analysis 1- Paper Towns by John Green 1. 2. The theme of the novel is getting wrapped up in the mystery of things or idea of something.When Quentin and his friends drive to Agloe, New York, Quentin compares his minivan to a house, labeling sections of the car as the living room, kitchen, and the bedroom.Just as well, sometimes the most unlikely places become some of the most welcoming homes and havens.

In taking note of precise times, Quentin is, in some manner, mapping his life in the same way Margo maps geographic coordinates.

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Paper towns also come to be associated with any place or person that seems fake, or duplicitous.If mapmakers find a map published by a different company but that includes the fictitious town, they know that their original map has been plagiarized.Dismantling Child illusions The book is about Q finding the truth out about Margo, and how flawed and disappointing she really is.During both road trips, Quentin has coming-of-age revelations about himself and the world he inhabits.However, both Quentin and Margo fail to appreciate their friends, and both are forced to consider the people they have taken for granted in a new light.There is irony in that the answer for the correct definition of paper town is hiding in plain sight in front of both Quentin and reader the whole time.Margo struggles to find meaning in the wealthy, suburban environment where she and Quentin have grown up.

If Quentin is predictably predictable, Margo is predictably unpredictable.But in order for either of them to grow up, they have to break their own self-inflicted routines.Variety sat down with...

Paper Towns by John Green is Edgard Award winning young adult literature that conveys the theme of the complexity of humanity.Omnictionary, the Wikipedia stand-in of the novel, also acts as a kind of map.

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Ultimately, the definition of a home in Paper Towns is more about who or what is in the space rather than what the space is.Some might not be as obvious, but they are there if you look closely.The first road trip with Margo makes him realize that there are ways to experience the world outside of comfort and routine, and the second with his friends makes him realize that he can be content with his values and with himself.

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Along with strings, mirrors, and windows is the metaphor of balloons.For the first time in his life, Quentin skips school to go to pseudovisions looking for Margo, and the simple act of driving to these locations gives Quentin a sense of agency and adventure he never knew he had.

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Radar finds a home on Omnictionary, the Wikipedia-esque, crowd-sourced encyclopedia on the Internet.Description and explanation of the major themes of Paper Towns.Paper Towns Theme Paper Towns Theme project by Kelsey Briggs The theme that I chose, and really stood out to me is that everyone has different out looks on the world.In Paper Towns, Margo Roth Spiegelman has tons of albums, meticulously arranged in alphabetical order.

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