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From the drugs to the alcohol, these children are placed under horrific circumstances which are preposterous.

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These young combatants participate in every aspect of contemporary warfare.Kony, took up arms back in 1986 and said he was fighting against the marginalization of his people by the government in Kampala, the Ugandan capital.The report goes on to include that special medical and psychological care has also been given to children injured by anti-personnel mines, those displaced by internal violence and victims of abduction.

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Proofreading and editing help from top professionals. select the service, and our.Others seek escape from poverty or join military forces to avenge family members who have been killed.Kony and his army are understood to be in the Central African Republic at the moment.

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Yet moral reasons aside, compelling strategic arguments exist for limiting the use of child soldiers: When conflicts involving children end, experts say the prospects for a lasting peace are hurt by large populations of psychologically scarred, demobilized child soldiers.

Many girls have reported enlisting to escape domestic servitude, violence and sexual abuse.

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The previous chapters have discussed the regional armed conflicts where child soldiers were used or are being used like the case of DRC Congo.South Sudan thought it solved its child soldier problem. The use of child soldiers is made possible, experts say, by the chaos that has enveloped the country.There were approximately 120,000 child soldiers who were participating in armed conflicts in Africa.They range in age, but are frequently in their early teens, about the age 14(War Child ).Worldwide conflicts that have involved child soldiers include.Being so tender in age, they may start out as cooks, messengers, porters or guards, but often end up on the frontlines of combat.Child Soldiers essay, buy custom Child Soldiers essay paper cheap, Child Soldiers essay paper sample, Child Soldiers essay sample service online.

The availability of precious minerals and hard wood timber in Liberia contributed greatly in escalating and maintain the 14 years Liberian conflict.Many children are terrorized brainwashed and kidnapped into becoming.Generally stated,this paper seeks to establish the role of child soldiers in the escalation of armed conflict in Africa.

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The question is how the available resources was being utilised and how did it contribute in fuelling the conflict.We are working to prevent the use of child soldiers and to hold accountable the people who.Children often become child soldiers in acts of patriotism and in want to avenge the deaths of their family members.

I have discovered that child soldiers are often forced into fighting through false promises.Parts of Africa, Asia, and South America risk long-term instability as generations of youth are sucked into ongoing wars.On one side of the argument, many believe that child soldiers are not morally responsible for the actions they perform.Left child soldier photo essay - GBI medical child soldier photo essay examiner on Jan. 12 - photo on the right was taken after autopsy and manipulated Inside Look.

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LRA soldiers raid towns, violently intimidating villagers and abducting children.After gaining more and more power, Kony dropped his heroically noble aims and started recruiting soldiers as young as 7 years old.The Optional Protocol to the Convention, which entered into force on February 12, 2002, corrected this inconsistency by prohibiting the military from recruiting any child under the age of eighteen.Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.I have developed this opinion after conducting research on this topic.They have also implemented a Resettlement Program, which will also assist children under the age of eighteen that are detached from the conflict.

The issue of child combatants is completely ignored in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Download thesis statement on CHILD SOLDIERS in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be written by one of our staff writers and delivered according.When Colombia ratified the CRC in 1991, it proposed that eighteen, instead of fifteen, be the minimum age for military recruitment.Trust our write my essay writing service and your research paper on child soldiers will be perfect.On the other side of the arguments strong points are likewise brought up.Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Child Soldiers From The latimes.Most are between the ages of fifteen and eighteen but some go as young as.Those who try to run away risk execution for fear that they will turn into infiltrators or informers.