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Throughout life, people often wonder how a small and simple idea can to turn into a massive epidemic that changes our world drastically in the snap of a finger.Consumers usually want to be given sufficient information about the products they buy.If someone hears a good idea and starts telling other people about it and if the timing is right of course it is going to spread.Both a virus and a trend need a Tipping Point in order to spread.

The Tipping Point What can one consider being a tipping point in a situation.They are the ones who are often introducing you to new people and who have the viral capacity to showcase and advocate you to new ideas.Connectors are popular people who stand out and know a large amount of people.The attainment of the tipping point that transforms a phenomenon into an influential trend usually requires the intervention of a number of influential types of people.In the beginning of the book, the Tipping Point is compared to a virus.Facebook Malcolm Gladwell Social network service MySpace people trust Twitter Mark Zuckerberg Internet Social network aggregation Sociology.According to Gladwell there are three rules of the Tipping Point.

How the retailers handle their customers could be the difference between failure and success of their businesses.The basis of all examples, all concepts in the book is contagion.Gladwell begins by picking out key people who make up The Law of The Few: a tiny percentage of people who do the work build the momentum.

Through the work the reader learns to apply those concepts put forth by Gladwell to see if things like soap operas, game shows, magazines, and eating disorders can fit into the framework of what an epidemic is or is not and why certain things do become epidemics.Thus consumers will be more engaged in the process of marketing and the marketing process will be more consumers specific where the consumer could receive a message concerning a certain product.

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As centers of social gravity, around whom people cluster, connectors are popular people who have a viral capacity to showcase and advocate new products.

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I sit, staring complacently at my computer screen, as a pudgy three.The future trend indicates an increase in philanthropy volunteerism towards the society.Awareness, this is the prevailing element that is present within the work of Malcolm Gladwell.By integrating the community, the business will thrive through the engagement between the retailers and their external stakeholders.

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Read this Miscellaneous Essay and over 87,000 other research documents.However, the initiative could have a positive impact as it would expand existing practices such as repairing and recycling old garments, while establishing a swap market of used products for its customers.

In the process of engaging the community, retail business undertakes a number of projects such as educational commitments by offering scholarships to privileged individuals in the community.Retail businesses form a vital part of the community and they play a central role in the development and the growth of the given community.

Throughout the novel the author includes a number of examples support the Tipping Point, which the reader could easily understand as well as relate to.This refers to the changing circumstances in a particular field that usually cause a dramatic shift in the normal operation of the business in that field.

Retailers can thus undertake the duty of educating the consumers about the impacts of the products through conventional channels like marketing catalogs, in-store displays, Product labels and advertisements.Tichenor Life at the Intersection 11 September 2012 The Tipping Point Essay Change is inevitable.In the book, a ground breaking analysis of how trends get started in the society becomes.Tipping Point Essays: Over 180,000 Tipping Point Essays, Tipping Point Term Papers, Tipping Point Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990 ESSAYS, term and research.

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The retail business is evolving to meet the changing needs of consumers and communities, and thus the balance between sustainability and adopting new strategies for customer satisfaction provides a unique tipping point.Therefore, in order to achieve sustainability, retail businesses have formulated different trends through which they employ in the conduct of the business.

However, Gladwell argues in the book that there exist a number of factors that play a vital role in every influential trend and the processes involved are sim.

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They say that prevention is the best cure for any disease, and indeed.Once the Tipping Point is reached, the virus or trend becomes an epidemic.While we always choose who we want to meet, and reject those who do not look right, the Connectors are those kinds of people who see the possibility in others.How the business handles the consumers and community could be critical to its survival.