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See my advanced lessons for writing task 2: and for reading review my tips and strategies on the reading page.If you are not, then you must surround yourself in English as much as possible in your everyday life.It is thought that the prevention of illness is more important than cure which is why the government should give it more funding.

How to Organize Your Thoughts in Writing an Essay. 10:26 AM essay writing, ielts essay writing tips 5 comments. it is now time to write the essay.Ok, reviewing your video again, I found out that I am asking about the hook which you said that there is no need for it.

In your above comment you said that if question asked then we can write our opinion in introduction part.When you have two charts, you introduction both in the introduction.This is a language test so use your own English at all times.The introduction in this lesson is for an opinion essay however the general content of the introduction is the same for all types of essays in IELTS.

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Some people think that the government should spend more money on housing than on developing green areas in a city.

However, many IELTS test-takers forget this, and either write too much in their conclusion, or forget to write one, at all.Your time would be better spent in developing your body paragraphs which is crucial to get a high score.

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Practicing adding more information to your diary as you become more confident.Writing introduction for IELTS candidates has always been confusing if their writing skills are average.Just present the two sides and give your opinion in the introduction.I just found your website some days ago but my knowledge have been improved so much.

This lesson looks at how to write an IELTS essay introduction for an opinion essay.This is just to say that I have learned a lot from your teaching.

Discuss the possible causes and effects of this disturbing trend and offer a solution.Paraphrasing means using your own language rather than copying language.

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Hi liz, since last many months iam following your blog, and got know many tips, its very helpful to me.Another reason why teachers are needed is because they can teach young people important skills and values.

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Academic Essay Conclusion Introduction Body Paragraphs Introduction What is an essay.Judging from your message above, your range of language is fine for a high score.

A good way to do this is to remind the reader what you thesis statement was, in your introduction.You would need to write this more clearly for me to understand it.In task 2 shall i give my introduction with my opinion in the first paragraph, or shall i give it neutral condition.When you are writing the essay for Task 2 of the IELTS Writing section, the last thing that you will include will be your conclusion.I hope to continue working on this site and providing support for IELTS students next month.Take a look at my advanced lessons: and also at the band score requirements:.

IELTS is an English language test which includes testing your vocabulary.For example. in the topic of the public transportation and the metro.Band score 7 students should know the difference between those words.The techniques are the same for GT and academic writing task 2.I somewhat disagree that teachers will be replaced by machines.

I wonder what features should I include in the conclusion paragraph.Paraphasing can be as simple as change word forms and changing the order of words in a sentence.Help With Essay Introduction - Professional Help Accounting Help Need Homework, Help Statistics Problem High Quality.Having an introduction of 50 or 60 words is possible but certainly any longer is a waste of time.But remember, one of the keys to IELTS is avoiding language errors.Or if you have a balanced view which is a specific opinion not agreeing with either side, you will need a separate body paragraph.Learn the right techniques for Writing Task 2 - Click here: IELTS Writing Lessons.

This is because educators serve as role models to their students and teach them how to appropriately interact with their peers.Your lessons are very helpful to me, i always visits your website and follows your tips.Have you checked out How to Write an Essay Introduction in 3.The background statement paraphrases the essay question and your thesis statement provides your answer.A full lesson to learn how to write an introduction for an IELTS essay.

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First of all, thanks Liz, i understood your pretty interesting lesson easily.What about the usage of UK and US spellings in one same essay.Thesis statement-In my opinion, I agree parent have the most effective technique in order to teach their kids.