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Members of these accounting bodies generally qualify for membership in the Canadian CA profession with minimal additional requirements.Accounting dictionary with over 4,000 accountancy related terms, abbreviations and definitions.Note to readers - I had no idea this portion of the site was so popular.

Individuals with either designation are capable of a variety of accounting functions depending on what level they have achieved in the program as well as the experience they have acquired.British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the territories.They can compare their figures to competitors as well as period to period.Will help establish visual targets, define and develop animations, coordinate project workloads, and manage technical issues.The CGA and CMA have become more and more similar over the years.External readers are mostly focusing on the ratio between the current assets and current liabilities, as well as the retained earnings and shareholder accounts.This is merely a temporary entry and can be reversed once collected.The Income Statement is also known as the Statement of Profit and Loss, it consists of two sections.The bookkeeping profession today, unlike the accounting profession is completely unregulated. Courses are completed at local Community Colleges across Canada.

Examples would be computers, equipment, tools, building, land, furniture and company vehicles.When using T accounts, a large letter T is drawn on a piece of paper, with the debits represented on the left side and the credits represented on the right side.Generate business, forecast sales, and oversee customer satisfaction within the Canadian Federal Government.Every profession uses its own language with its own definitions and context.The Canadian government suggests that employers offer flexible work arrangements in the form of flex-time, compressed workweeks, reduced hours or part-time work, telecommuting, sabbaticals and leaves, job sharing, and annualized hours programs.

If you want to start a business, get better at running your business, or get an accounting job, you need to know some essential financial accounting terms and concepts.FlexJobs is the leading job search site specializing in professional telecommuting, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs.

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A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.All computer systems provide specific reports for both summary and details of the current Accounts Receivable.

Contra accounts are always placed one under the one another in your list of accounts.Accounting provides information about the financial position of a business or company.Must be able to complete sales administration responsibilities.You can transfer or recognize the amount earned once a particular phase is complete.


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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Whether you are an established firm without the in-house accounting expertise, or a company operating primarily from another.For sole-proprietors and partnerships, the fiscal year end matches the calendar year.Seeking a developer for a flexible hour, remote option position creating solution designs, performing deployments, troubleshooting and resolving problems.These accounting bodies have been reviewed by IQAB and their qualification processes have been determined not to be equivalent to the Canadian qualification process.Whereas, the Accounts Receivable reports provide details of who owes the money, how much and specifically for what invoice(s).In 1936, the Terminology Committee of the Canadian Institute of Chartered.

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Most bookkeepers should be well versed in the data entry of Vendor bills and preparing cheques, as well as preparing customer invoices and applying the applicable cash receipts.Examples of this may be cash or fixed assets (including a computer, tools, equipment relevant to running the business).MBA) has worked as a university accounting instructor, accountant, and consultant for more than 25 years.Candidate with 1 year related experience and exceptional organizational abilities required for a short-term temporary contract as a project coordinator.Equity also known as Capital, is the third and final section of the Balance Sheet.Items paid for prior to an event, or the product being used are recorded on the Balance Sheet classified as a prepaid until the event takes place or the item is used.

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If there are additional words you would like included, contact us and we would be pleased to add them to the ever-growing list.The term capital cost allowance relates (CCA) mainly to taxation in Canada. The term capital cost allowance relates (CCA) mainly to taxation in Canada.Debits and credits are the bookkeeping terms used to express how an account is affected by a transaction.And on the opposite side of that, when an expense is incurred it is recorded upon receipt with the date of payment being irrelevant.

Information in the journal entry would include, the source, the date, a description of the entry.Featured Companies are employers who have come directly to FlexJobs, been approved by our staff, and have directly posted their jobs to the FlexJobs site.An example of this would be in the construction industry, often work is done in stages.Communicate and works with a team of designers and artists, coordinate with key stakeholders to identify and implement goals.The comprehensive list of 2,048 Accounting acronyms and abbreviations by All Acronyms dictionary.Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in Canada. LONG-TERM FOREIGN CURRENCY DENOMINATED.There are many reasons to incorporate a business including to save taxes, for liability reasons, to portrait a larger image, etc.

Revenue is money earned which appears on the Income Statement.Specific, a good example would be for big ticket items that can be tracked by details or serial numbers, ie a car dealership.An example of a principle is Consistency, this includes maintaining the same valuation method for calculating inventory and depreciation.

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The purchase price is placed on the books and decreases as the items sell.

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Accountable for maintaining all project phases within schedule.Recommended Accounting Practices for Real Estate Investment and.An average receivable is 30-60 days but this will vary depending on the industry.

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Canada is also home to 11 companies on the 2015 Fortune Global 500 list, including Onex, Power Corp. of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Magna International, and Bank of Nova Scotia.The institutes are empowered by local laws to regulate and govern the chartered accountancy profession within their jurisdictions.There are three types of assets: Current, Fixed and Intangible.Browse and search thousands of Accounting Abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource.When you deposit money into your account, in YOUR records the bank is increasing, which is an asset, and when an asset increases, it is a Debit.Examples of this would be Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll accounts and inventory.Looking for do it yourself Canadian Online accounting software for your small business.