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According to researchers reporting in the July 28, 2010 issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, we are attracted to people who resemble our parents or.I speculate that a lot of the stigma around incest has to do with the Westermarck effect.

This phenomenon, known as the Westermarck effect, was discovered by anthropologist Edvard Westermarck.

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In addition to using data about brothers and sisters who are raised together, researchers on the Westermarck effect have also looked at situations in which non-related individuals are raised together.Consanguinity as risk factor for cervical carcinoma S. which triggers biological imprinting of Westermarck.The idea is that incest is evolutionarily unfavorable, and thus people.It is suggested that the Westermarck effect prevents a person being attracted to anyone whom he.

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But what about biological siblings raised together who are seven or more years apart in age.Westermarck effect: The Westermarck effect, or reverse sexual imprinting, is a hypothetical psychological effect through which people who live in close domestic.This also holds true for young children adopted into households with existing children.For example, the Old Testament forbids sex between siblings-in-law.One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted.I have read that children reared on kibbutzim show that trait. Donald W. Bales.In contrast, siblings who are raised apart sometimes develop a sexual attraction to each other when they meet later in life, developing what is known as genetic sexual attraction.

I read somewhere that people are often attracted to first or second cousins.They discovered that the girls are often strongly opposed to such marriages when they come of age, and that these marriages are more prone to later dissolution, childlessness, or adultery.Living Archives on Eugenics Blog formerly What Sorts of People.A variety of studies have supported the concept of the Westermarck effect.Categories: Incest Psychology Hidden category: Pages using ISBN magic links.

People who are raised together, regardless of relationship, tend to become desensitized to each other, and they will not generally develop sexual attraction to each other later in life.Too Close for Comfort. that has been proposed to account for the ubiquity of this aversion is known as the Westermarck effect,.Which relatives it is forbidden to have sex with depends on the law, religion and culture.An adaptation to prevent inbreeding with the possible danger of allowing the expression of harmful recessive genes.

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Opponents of this theory often point to historical examples of sibling marriages, such as those performed in Ancient Egypt among the ruling classes.The Westermarck effect is a phenomenon which has been observed in individuals who spend large amounts of time with each other under the age of six.

This imprint or reverse imprint depending on how you look at it, explains a lot of things.However, these marriages are not a good counterexample, because such marriages were typically contracted without consulting those involved, and it was common for children of the ruling classes to be raised separately from each other, for a variety of reasons.

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It sometimes includes extended family like aunts, nephews, nieces and uncles.Westermarck Effect. - First cousin marriage is legal in 26 US states.

When was inbreeding historically understood to cause defects. first-cousin marriages and marriages between girls and their.If pregnancy is a risk, there may be reasons based on health.In a British study, around 2% of the participants were found to have a gene that prevents unpleasant underarm odor.

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In an interesting modern example of the Westermarck effect at work, researchers studied traditional Chinese families, who sometimes adopt a young girl into their households with the intention of marrying the girl to their sons.

Consanguinity as risk factor for cervical carcinoma

In South Africa, sex between a parent-in-law and child-in-law is illegal.An incest taboo is any cultural rule or norm that prohibits sexual.

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He was particularly interested in marriage patterns and incest taboos, and his idea that people who are raised together will not develop sexual attraction went contradictory to the beliefs of Freud, a prominent contemporary.

Learn more about the incest taboo, marriage, and the family in the Boundless open textbook.

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Incestuous gene in consanguinophilia and incest: Toward a consilience.Karo Batak Cousin Marriage, Cosocialization, and the Westermarck Hypothesis Author(s): Geoff Kushnick and Daniel M. T. Fessler Source: Current Anthropology, Vol. 52.