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Entertainment - related terms, definitions and short phrases grouped together in the form of Encyclopedia article.FORCED CALL - Call to work less than 12 hours after dismissal on the previous day.Both produced film and television material and also offered extensive entertainment facilities such as rides, restaurants, shows, and more.The music industry consists primarily of the sales of prerecorded music — albums distributed on compact disc and audiocassettes, and singles distributed on compact disc.

The actors must imagine the set they are on and be aware of the limitations of their movements.Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Switch to new thesaurus. Noun: 1. entertainment industry - those involved in providing entertainment: radio and.ExpertRating offers online certifications for Entertainment job seekers.

For example, reading an 800-page book may involve a substantial element of time, but a consumer may substitute a videocassette or DVD film version of the book to be viewed on a computer or television monitor, or a compact disc or audiocassette version of the book to be listened to while at home, at work, or while commuting.That could oust you from a future job because they believe you are busy or committed to another network.CAMERA OPERATOR - Member of the camera crew who actually looks through the lens during a take.Almost every segment of the entertainment and media industry is shifting from physical distribution to digital distribution of content.Above-the-Line Costs: Portion of the budget that covers major creative participants (writer, director, actors and producer) including script and story.UPGRADE - Promotion of an extra performer in a scene to the category of principal performer.DIRECTOR - Coordinator of all artistic and technical aspects of any production.Entertainment Industry Terms - Showbiz Ltd: Commonly Used Entertainment Industry Terms: ACTION - Command from the director for the scene to begin.

These are, and have traditionally been, provided only to qualified talent agents.

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This can make the difference in having the respect of your representatives and future employers.Definition of entertainment industry in the Definitions.net dictionary.Entertainment news, celebrity gossip and photos on MSN Entertainment.

HAND MODEL - Performer whose hands are used to double for others.Regardless of the production company type, the film industry continued to prosper.Cable companies, in turn, were hedging their bets on the Internet — the cable modem, allowing for faster access speeds and greater reliability.Progress in technology, in addition to creating the demand for entertainment products and services, has also led to the creation of much of the dominant forms of contemporary entertainment.The first is that consumption of entertainment requires the time of the consumer.

The majors are built up of large companies such as Disney or Sony, and usually handle not only film production but also distribution and marketing.A big opening of a bad movie can cause consumption to evaporate.Music and movie piracy are either commercial sale of physical media or the sharing of videocassettes, optical media, and digital content over the Internet.SPEED - Verbal cue that the audio tape is up to speed for recording.

While gambling revenues in aggregate make the United States the largest market, the character of North American gambling is quite different from Asian gambling markets.Arthur, W. Brian. 1994. Increasing Returns and Path Dependence in the Economy.Throughout the 1980s about 250 individual film production companies completed an annual average of about 700 feature films per year with the encouragement of official government policy requiring commercial movie theaters to screen at least one Indian film per show (Gomery 1996).The major networks began to lose ground as numerous cable stations were launched.Also note that your credits will make your SAG status obvious.De Vany, Arthur S., and Thomas R. Saving. 1983. The Economics of Quality.

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The process often begins with a literary work of fiction, which is then made into a movie exhibited in cinemas and later on syndicated and network television domestically and abroad, and finally released on home video.You must have a lawyer, or a licensed talent agent to negotiate an employment deal.As average income rises, the supply of pirate products would also be expected to decrease due to the availability of more attractive opportunities for employment than pirating.W - Notation on the call sheet indicating that an actor is working that day.

There is, however, no unambiguous prediction of the equilibrium effect of income changes on piracy.

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STUDIO - Building, recording room or sound stage which accommodates film or TV production.CRANE SHOT - Camera shot raised over or above the set or the action.The gamble paid off and soon ABC was running programming that was heavy with sex and violence, such as The Untouchables and 77 Sunset Strip.BEST BOY - Assistant to the Chief Electrician, or Head Gaffer.

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Oberholzer-Gee, Felix, and Koleman Strumpf. 2004. The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales.Upon its success, theme parks began to spring up across the country.This website is maintained primarily as a service to our membership. as well as to the entertainment industry community.ZOOM - A camera technique with a special lens to adjust the depth of a shot, accomplished without moving the camera.For people who are very experienced in the industry, a misused term is easy to spot and almost impossible to miss.

An important issue in the development of entertainment as an industry is the rising productivity of workers, and in particular the ways in which technical progress has increased worker productivity.The Boom Operator is the member of the sound department responsible for holding the boom pole, with mic attached, over and sometimes under the actors.In my last blog, I gave you a list of 40 jobs in film and television that you should know.Not to be confused with a voucher, non-union background actors get a time sheet.Entertainment industry in India has registered an explosive growth in last two.