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Playing video games can make kids get disease in their hands like chronic pains. ( ) My argument is not that video games and technology make kids gain weight my argument is that when kids place video games in the place of exercise and burning calories it can be a huge cause of childhood obesity.Health People 2010 identified overweight and obesity as one of the top ten leading health indicators that needs serious attention.Persuasive Essay About Obesity. I. Introduction Because of the omnipotence of fast food chains in America, when we feel the urge for an easy meal, Americans, in.The number of children who are obese is growing at a fast rate.Knowing more and more kids are being affected by this trend is unnerving, not only in the present, but also for the future.Normally the research on obesity is restricted to data found in the Unites States and refuses to include the statistics of other countries that might not be as developed, such as China (He, James, mu0pu, Zheng, 2014).

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Fast food has become a huge part of America in the last 30 years.The media, food market, and the rapidly advancing technology are all factors that influence not only the increase in obesity rates, but also the psychological status of the obese.Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years ( this takes us to the focus of how childhood obesity has become an enormous issue today.Over the past years, childhood obesity has been increasing at an alarming rate because of improved technology, poor eating habits and lack of exercise.Obesity can be a factor in many physical and psychological disorders in children.

For us to understand the impact of obesity and why we should prevent it, we will need to figure out the causes of obesity and what keeps people obese.Childhood obesity is a very serious problem and becoming very dangerous.

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The reason Americans are obese is because of the increasing luxury available to them.They can train and develop good eating habits as well as encourage physical activity.The number of overweight and obese children has increased at an outstanding rate over the past years, and there is no chance of it slowing down unless we do something about it.When you mix poor diet with poor exercising habits the outcome is far from being healthy.The nutrients that food provides to the human body is an incredibly, forceful process that keeps people alive and healthy.

I narrowed the search down to obesity and the population I would like to focus on is the adolescents.No matter who is at fault, childhood obesity is very real and needs to be addressed.

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That disaster is commonly called obesity and the most obese country in the world is America ( IBTimes, 2013, p. 1). Currently, obesity is plague in America and according to The Washington Times (2009) seventy two million Americans are obese.These three things are the main reason why childhood obesity has been increasing so much in America, and it is becoming a very dangerous problem.Get started with dissertation writing and craft greatest college.He was a fit kid growing up and was very active and good at sports, but his parents were always too busy to cook good meals so they always got fast food.I also focused on the three main causes that cause childhood obesity and I talked about these things so people can start helping reduce this huge problem we have in America.This increasing issue I am referring to is childhood obesity.Obesity in the United States is at an all time high due to increasing fast food popularity, media influence, and the lack of exercise.

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If we take in more calories than we burn off, the food then gets stored in our bodies as fat.

This attention has actually done little on a large scale to actually curb the rise of the issue.The prevalence of childhood obesity is rising and so is the steady incline of comorbidities in young adults.

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Read about the problem of obesity in America and possible ways of solving.

Persuasive essay on obesity - Use this company to order your profound custom writing delivered on time Let specialists do their work: receive the necessary essay here.Over the last 20 years, the prevalence of obesity and overweight has increased at an alarming rate not only in developed countries, but around the world (Worobey, 2006, chap.15).Moreover, we are passing our bad practices down to our children.For the past few decades, college dorm foods have led to these habits.

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In fact, it is the second leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States of America.Over the past years, the number of obesity in children has increased.One out of six children and adolescents ages 2 to 19 are obese and one out of three are overweight or obese.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Persuasive Essay Childhood Obesity.Causes of Obesity Increase Obesity Rise Overweight: excess amount of body weight (muscle, bone, body water).

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This monumental fast food industry has become a symbol of America and our diets.For a number of years, children across the nation have become accustomed to occasionally participating in physical activities and regularly snacking on sugary treats.This epidemic is contributed to not only socioeconomic status but to everything that is correlated with it such as race, gender, and level of education.Persuasive essay about obesity Essays: Over 180,000 Persuasive essay about obesity Essays, Persuasive essay about obesity Term Papers, Persuasive essay about obesity.Medical practitioners consider obesity a chronic and life-long disease like diabetes and high blood pressure.